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Regret Joining Vodafone, Landline porting Issue

2: Seeker

I was extremely disappointed with the Vodafone broadband and landline. We moved from Virgin Media to Vodafone and tried to port the landline. I called Vodafone customer service but they did not know what they were doing.

Despite Virgin Media and other user warnings for Vodafone customer service problems, we decided to move to Vodafone. Before we signed up, I called Vodafone to assure landline porting was possible. After I placed the order, I spoke with Vodafone to make sure the landline number will port and I also called after installation so that they don’t forget porting. We have ported this number across Virgin Media, BT, Sky, Plusnet, NowTV, and Virgin Media without any problems. We have had this number since 15 years and it is very important for medical reasons. We cannot afford to lose it.

Unfortunately, the number hasn’t ported. My old Virgin Media landline is still working perfect. Vodafone issued a new number but my Vodafone account shows my old number. From the Vodafone landline, I can’t call 191 Vodafone customer service but I can call 150 BT broadband customer service (cs). It looks like I am a BT customer, not Vodafone.

I have to keep calling customer service for help but every time I call, I get different answers.

  • Monday - After installation, I called and cs advised that the porting was done and will be okay after midnight. However, nothing happened. Both new and old numbers were working, so no porting was done.
  • I called again at evening time and cs advised this time that it will take 24-48 hours for porting and still nothing happened.
  • Tuesday - Called cs and they advised that it will take up to 10 days to port the landline.
  • Wednesday - I called again to explain everything and now cs said BT Openreach had done something wrong so they will come and fix it within the next 72 hours.

I have no trust in the Vodafone cs anymore. I am really starting to worry as Virgin Media will close our account tomorrow. Every time I call them, I can’t hear them clearly, the call drops and you have to start again or they put you on hold for a long time. I can’t keep calling Vodafone as I have other things to do.

I decided to wait until Monday to see if they could sort out the porting. Otherwise, I have no other choice than to go back to Virgin Media and close my Vodafone account.

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4: Newbie


Well VM kept my number alive for more than 2 weeks after porting.

Someone at Virgin Media did not tick the correct box, it took several phone calls and a lot of anger to put that right, so I would not wholly rely on the accuracy and honesty at VM.


Luckily for me the OpenReach engineer did a good job and I had a working landline.

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2: Seeker

Thanks for the reply. Line ported and working ok now, after BT Openreach engineer visited. There wasn't an issue with Vodafone or Virgin Media, but it's BT Openreach who connected the line with a Sky customer number. Thanks to Vodafone.

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Thanks for updating the thread here @k3rosin - I'm so glad this is now sorted for you with your landline number and I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused in the meantime! 

If you do need us again for anything else in the future, please let us know and we'll be happy to help with any questions you have for us 🙂

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