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Returned direct debita

2: Seeker

Hi everyone,


basically we’ve had the home broadband for a little under a year and we are now having issues with returned direct debits. I’d understand if the money wasn’t in there but it is, the bank has even said there was no reason as to why they keep being returned but now we’re being charged nearly 5x the price because of a fault in Vodafone’s system. I’ve tried to talk to the customer service which was pointless. So I’m now just asking if anyone else has had this happen and know how to fix it. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Lewishavard 


There can be a number of reasons for a direct debit failure and you should have received a reason from the bank.


The first thing to do is to log into your online account, this will give information on the direct debit details held but Vodafone, if Vodafone have the correct information and are submitting the mandate on a monthly basis to collect funds from your bank with the payment rejected the issue will be at the bank end.


Speak to the Social Team through Facebook/Twitter channels here Contact Us they will have the necessary account access to make sure your direct debit is correctly set up.


There is also further information here: My direct debit hasn't been taken 


If there are still problems, alternative methods to pay the bill are here: How do I pay my bill? 


edited to add:  As you posted on the mobile broadband board. I have moved the thread to the correct board to save confusion.



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17: Community Champion

I appreciate you've spoken to Customer services and found little resolution.

However there is a direct dedicated number you could try if you haven't already for the Broadband Team.

“ call 08080 034 515  (free from all UK landlines and mobiles) with lines open between 8am and 11pm, seven days a week.”


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