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Other broadband queries

Router / Modem Gigafast question

4: Newbie

Hi does any body know how gigafast works in regards to the router? 

When I had fibre to the cabinet the supplied router had the modem part built into it with sky.

When I was with BT fibre I had those 2 parts separate so I had an open reach modem and then the hub.


How does this work with gigafast? 

I have an ONT box and a router.


As I understand it the ONT is just where the fibre connection terminates and is then turned into Ethernet. 
I have read that the ONT box is the modem it's self and then you have the Vodafone router connected so in essence 2 parts like I had with BT fibre.


Or is it more like what I had switch my Sky Fibre where the modem is built into the router. 

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16: Advanced member

ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal, and it is *pretty much* the equivalent of a modem in that it takes the optical input and transfers ALL YOUR data (and only your data) to a network-compatible data stream.  So if you only had a single device you wanted to connect, and you have the connection details, you can connect directly using an ethernet cable to the ONT!


Most suppliers including Vodafone supply a separate ONT and router, but there are manufacturers of combined ONT/Routers.  Different ONTs may handle different communication standards, so in a comparatively "young" market, having a separate ONT can offer advantages regards support, replacement, and upgrades.


*There are also data issues regards the fact that the optical cable to your property will also be carrying the data links for multiple other properties, which your ONT ignores/discards/can't see.  Obviously this means that the network provider is required to keep much greater control over connected equipment than would be required with a switched network such as FTTC, where the line to a modem only carries your own data stream(s).

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