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Other broadband queries

Signed up for different price

2: Seeker

Hope someone can help because Customer Services have been useless!
I signed up for a uswitch exclusive which was £25 per month for new Vodafone customers for the Superfast 2 package. This didn't include the need to have a mobile plan which I know if I went direct would have been £2 more.


I've now received an email stating my monthly cost is £27 per month! When I queried this with customer services, they keep trying to pass me to retentions.


I am getting absolutely nowhere with this. I'm also under the 55mbps guarantee which I know is a totally different story and I need to wait to the end of the 10 day DLM before I can claim so I can't get any help with that either!


Not a great start Vodafone!

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16: Advanced member

First up report them to the switching site.


Second up VF support is appaling!  As it stands you can leave within a 30 day cooling off period with recourse.  I would do that because there is no way known to man that if you are having problems already they will get them sorted out within 30 days. 


If it were possible to get VF to deliver what they promise, then I'd say stay, but they are simply too incompetent to do so!


*The only reason I'm still with VF is that there are cabinet problems here, it's oversubscribed, and when lines do become available the maximum speed they sell is the 38Mbps service (delivers about 25Mbps for real).

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17: Community Champion

Hi @RyanK1992 


As you joined through an affiliate, and the discount was provided through them you will need to go back to uswitch and ask them about your promised discount.


Generally, any discount is given as a credit at the end of each bill.

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4: Newbie

I would check the email you received from Vodafone when you placed your order. In  my case, the email came from hello at and had a subject title "Thanks for your order". The email showed the package I've ordered and the monthly cost. Hopefully this would say £25 per month in your case.

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