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Sure Signal & Apple Time Capsule (i.e. Airport Extreme)

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Just moved to Vodafone Broadband from SSE (and previously BT fibre). I have used the original BT Openreach modem (Huawei HG612) which handled the VDSL - connected to an Apple Time Machine. I wanted to use the same setup, but there has been a lot of discussion that the Apple Airports cant be used because they can't set the VLAN id to 101. I managed to get this setup to work though by doing the following....


Firstly, I called Vodafone to get my username and password on 0808 003 4515.


What I did then was to unlock the Huawei modem by using the instructions listed here:


I found the firmware at:!LdJFDIJL!e_E1twsIg2kTet8mPjrb4w


and chose the B030SP08 folder and downloaded the bcm96368MVWG_fs_kernel_HG612V100R001C01B030SP08_webgui firmware.

I flashed the modem, and checked the VLAN id - which was set to 101 - as Vodafone required already - so i wonder whether flashing the router is really necessary - unless the flashing defaults some of the settings. 


Changed the Time Capsule's internet settings to PPPoE and put in the username and password supplied by Vodafone.  I also set the DNS as the google ones I don't know which ones Vodafone use - didn't ask...


Set the Network options to DHCP and NAT and everything worked well.





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Moderator (Retired)

@Froggy I'm glad you managed to get your Apple Time Capsule setup okay. 


I'm sure this information will be helpful to other users. 

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