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Other broadband queries

Sync speed under the guaranteed

2: Seeker

Hello, i am having a router sync of 52 Mbit/s on a 76 Mbit/s contract.

The problem persists already 2 months and nothing is done about it, when i speak with any agent they say to me to do speed tests and they check the line and they say everything is fine, they simply cannot understand that i cannot get a higher speed than the sync speed ..... i had another ISP before and i was getting constat 76 Mbit/s sync speed and 75Mbit/s speedtests so my line is not the problem.
Also the router you provided has a fault, i cannot get a decent wifi signal on any band ( 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz ) even with split SSD and manually channel, or that's usual ? 


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4: Newbie

Read the small print nothing is guaranteed.

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Not applicable

That's why there are laws in place. If you are not getting the minimum guaranteed speed you were promised you can terminate the contract without penalty. That is what I am doing at present, igave 28 days notice earlier before the customer services hung up because I said I was recording the lies she was telling me.

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4: Newbie

Does not surprised me , they are happy to record their calls but don’t like the tables turned.

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