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Other broadband queries

TV not getting blocked on the Broadband app

3: Seeker


I use the Vodafone Broadband app to block the wifi signal to our LG TV to control screen time for our kids. However, off late the blocking isn't consistent. I do block the signal on the app but the TV apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime still work.

Apart from the main router and wifi hub we also have two other wifi extenders, with one of them having Alexa built-in.

Do the TV and the mobile have to be connected to the same Wifi device for this to work? Or do I have to do some other setting?



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13: Advanced Member

When you set the time restriction, it should be passed from the mobile app, or the Vodafone website to your router.


One problem that you can face is that if your TV can manage both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wifi, you may need to restrict BOTH of the MAC addresses!

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