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The worst broadband and appalling customer service

2: Seeker

Someone called me and told me about this fantastic offer Vodafone provides: fastest speed any supplier can give in the area and it is cheaper than our current provider (Sky).


We happily switched (no documents were sent). Then the story began:


During the first 10 days, the internet speed is slower than snail - I called them they said it take 10 days for it to be stable. Then after 10 days, it is a bit better but still very bad, I called again and the team give me some “tips” to increase the speed and said they’d check back in a couple of days. 


This is when “14-day cooling off period” has passed (without me knowing).


Our internet was below 1MB download speed, and when I called them, the technical team asked me to split SSID on my WiFi which did help the speed: we are getting about 16MB, though their promised speed is minimal 25MB.


I then found out other companies offer much faster internet in the area eg virgin can easily go 200MB vs Vodafone’s offer 16MB haha (yes the agent called me lied!). When I called Vodafone again and again, they kept asking their technical team to “help me” - even after I was told by the technical team to complain team. Without any resolutions, they’ve passed me like a ball from one team to another and every time I have to repeat my problems. 


I was told that they’ve ordered a “listen in” to the call I received the agent to decide what was promised on the call. And they will do that in 14 days! I’ve asked what do I suppose to do with the 14 days, the nice lady suggested me to contact complaint team. 


By this point I am already so frustrated and just want to quit it and switch to another supplier. 


I was passed to the technical team again and the guy told me the guaranteed speed is only wired - they cannot guarantee WiFi... 


I was like: what the fxxx - where was that info - I’ve never even received a contract! How would I have known and who use wired internet nowadays? 


I have been a loyal customer who used Vodafone’s mobile product for 10 years. Now I’m beyond angry:

- The agent lied to get me switching to them

- their cooling off period is a joke

- I’ve never received any contracts from them so I’ve got no idea what the “promise” is. 

- now I’m locked in and no one can help: I’m just getting bounced between customer service, technical, and complain team - everyone understands and no one can help. 

- They provide such appalling service yet they’d charge a huge early termination fee if I switch to another supplier. 


My advice: avoid them at ALL COST! Please save your mental health and time, look elsewhere! 

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Hey @Jozou, thanks for getting in touch. It's disappointing to hear your sign up didn't go very smoothly and we'd love to get you up to speed.

So one of our team can take a closer look into this for you, please get in touch via Facebook, or contact us on Twitter. You can find more information on doing this here. Please also provide a link to this thread, along with your username; so you won't have to explain yourself again. 

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