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Other broadband queries

Time for Social Media support to help us

12: Established

Support guys.... you must have by now noticed the same issues - IPTV buffer, etc.


Can you please report to the Powers the Be in Vodafone Towers that something is broken, and that we as customers would like them to acknowledge the problem and then promise to fix it in a timely fashion.


Or will you:
(i) Ignore this thread
(ii) Tell us to split wifi / use different DNS

(iii) Say there is nothing wrong

(iv) Offer to help via PM, which results in Tech 2 saying "no, sorry we don't see an issue here"

(v) say that speedtest results aren't valid

Lets see some real support..... quite possibly the customer isn't always right, but you owe it to us to actually investigate this this common fault which is being experienced by your customers across the UK.

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12: Established

Guess the silence from VFs tech/media support teams speaks volumes.

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14: Advanced member
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Moderator (Retired) Joe
Moderator (Retired)

@mbames We're always here to help. I can confirm that this issue is under investigation with our Technical Specialist teams and we're looking for as many examples as we can get. Did you get the name of the Tech agent who said no issues? As I'll feedback on them due to the fact they're after examples of this issue to build a case. Please let us know any details you've got. Joe

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4: Newbie

It would help if you're technical team could come up with a list of tests that would be useful. to them. For example is speed test in single or multi mode helpful and to different server locations any other speed test sites? What about tracert?

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12: Established



I believe everything should be logged under FLT09074584


I didn't catch the name of the person, they left me a VM saying "No faults, sync above minimum.  Nothing we can do therefore I'm closing this ticket".


I've submitted an additional set of speedtests results, against the "mandated" BT Lancs server, all show slow speeds, in safe mode with networking - with your VF router and wifi off / nothing connected.  I've also submitted an image from Sam Knows showing how download speeds have dropped since early December for Nextflix (which is a commonly reported issue here), but 100% refuted in VF Towers.


I'm due to speak to Christina in the Directors Office on Friday, but she is also saying "above mini sync, no faults." and "we can't promise any form of throughput".  While she seemingly accepts something has affected performance since Nov/Dec, they have no ability to investigate or resolve it, stating "sync is above minimum" and "you've downloaded 50GB, it must be working fine.  There is nothing we can do".

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14: Advanced member

How can vodafone not have the ability to investigate there own issue .sounds more Like a company email saying don't investigate the issue. Just make the customer feel happy and important and move on to the next customer. Of course a multi million pound company has a  department that checking/know what is going on  .Any thing to save a £1 here and there so you can look good to your share holders 

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Not applicable

@mbames, I assume you've already done this but have a good read through the following before your call: Ofcom Voluntary Code:

Your current terms and conditions (these I think are mine but yours may be older):


In my T&C they provide a paragraph and link regarding traffic management, but the link doesn't work so I don't know what they currently are - my letter when my service started said they have none:


Their speed guarentee info is here:

They do clearly differentiate between "Access Line Speed" i.e. sync speed and "Throughput Speed" (the wording is mainly a lift from the Ofcom code!), but IMHO there is still (and this is also in the Ofcom Voluntary code) an emphasis on the CPE/customer end of things.


There are a couple of clauses in the voluntary code regarding throughput and whether it is within the "ISPs control" however, which is where I would see this issue sit.


There is also the argument of not providing a satisfactory service under the contract of sale, and hence in breach but you will have to demonstrate you have followed all their suggestions and can still demonstrate - essentially to be able to evidence to a County Court that it is unsatisfactory (and be willing to pay/go that far!!)


There is a glimmer of hope that Vodafone are acknowledging the issue by @Joe - it is not hard to demonstrate in a couple of tests - its just a shame that they always blame the customer end of things especially the sync speed, WiFi etc.


I have so far held off on contacting support as it is unfortunate that they will immediately blame the CPE end and haven't currently got the time to go through the rigmarole of using their awful router, test socket, no I'm not on WiFi script questions, but may well have to if things don't improve - so a huge big thanks to you, mbames, for the time you are taking on behalf of us all.

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Moderator (Retired)

That's strange, @stevex, our Technical Specialists do have certain processes to follow when dealing with a fault. 

There's times with a tracert or ping tests can be very useful so they ask for this do be done quite often. 


What was the outcome of your fault?




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