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Other broadband queries

Trying to sign up to SuperFast broadband but failing credit check

1: Seeker

I see that other posters have raised this problem in previous years.


I am trying to sign up to SuperFast Broadband as a new customer via the MoneySavingExpert comparison website.

This directs me to your website where, when I have filled in all the forms and clicked on the final button to confirm my purchase, a screen comes up to say I have failed credit checks.


I have since obtained credit reports from both Experian and EquiFax.  Both of these show that my credit rating is the top banding of "excellent" (982/900 and 508/600 respectively), that everything is showing as green for as many years as data is available and that there are absolutely no issues on any front.  I would guess that many of your customers would be assessed as less credit-worthy.   It also shows that no credit check by you is recorded as having taken place.


As a result of this problem (I wasted 3 hours on this yesterday besides the time taken today),  I am missing out on this special offer which will expire just before midnight on Monday 17 February.


I have contacted your chatline who were unable to fix the problem or set up this offer on my behalf: what they were able to offer was less good value than the on-line offer so I would be missing out financially.


I believe there is something amiss with your on-line web pages and would like your comments.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @richard6868 


Unfortunately Vodafone UK are unable to provide a reason as to why a Credit Check has not been successful as their systems only show an acceptance or declined status. 

It's weird that no check is showing unless they've done some form of soft search.

They advise to contact one or more of the Credit Houses, Experian being one, in order to check that nothing wrong has been recorded there. 

It doesn't always come down to a credit score problem, or a certain time at the address. As a quick example, it can be due to the amount of incoming to outgoing payments. If a customer has a mortgage and a car and something else on finance, then something else for the kids which is paid monthly, the credit check is ran to see if the customer can pay the finance (monthly cost) based on other payments per month. 

To add even a clear Credit File with good Credit Score does not guarantee acceptance. It's also good practice to let 90 days elapse before making another application in order to let the Credit Score recover.

Vodafone's help page is



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17: Community Champion

Hi @richard6868 


When you went through the MSE website, you would have gone through an affiiate window to the offer from Vodafone, this would have meant the credit check would have been done by MSE when you completed and confirmed your purchase.


This has happened previously where there had been a fault on the third party interface and the credit check was never done, instead of coming back as error, it came back as a fail.  


I would recommend contacting MSE support the information should be on the website and ask them to do a manual search.


If you have any problems you can contact the Social Media Team here: Contact Us  Alternatively, the Broadband Team can be contacted here Broadband and Home Phone FAQ's .  The problem will be no sure how Vodafone would be able to help when the offer is through a third party affiliate website.



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