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Other broadband queries

USB 3.0 hard drive

1: Seeker

I have the HHG2500 Vodafone Business Broadband router and I would like to plug in my Seagate hard drive (USB 3.0).

I cannot find any product information about the specifications for the use of hard drives with the router, but from reading other posts I have gather the following information. If you can confirm this is still valid for my router?

  • Max USB 2.0
  • FAT32 formating

If this is correct, please can you advise the type of adapter I would need to plug in this hard drive to the router?
The cable from the harddrive is USB3 Micro B to USB3. Is there a USB3 to ethernet adapter that would work or is there still an issue with the power required for USB3.0 over ethernet.

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16: Advanced member

The USB ports on the HHg2500 are unsupported.  If you plug hard drive directly into the router it won't work.  If you get a powered hub and plug that into the router and then plug the hard drive into the powered hub, it'll work for a bit, and then it'll end up in a boot loop.  If you really want to add storage to your network you'll need to get a hard drive that attaches to the network and not via a USB port on the router!

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1: Seeker

Thanks @KeithAlger

As I don't want to have to buy anther drive, can you recommend a hub to use that can connect this USB3 drive to the router? Perhaps a powered hub that has USB3 ports with also an ethernet connection to connect to the router?

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