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Other broadband queries

Unable to close home broadband account

2: Seeker

I am very frustrated with Vodafone customer services. Cutting long story short I have left vodafone in mid April this year and moved to bt. I thought it will be a smooth process as it always been in a past with different providers, but how I was wrong.  After moving to BT for some reason vodafone did not close my account and they were charging me every month for service that I was not using. At least once or twice a month I was contacting CS to explain what is going on and asking them to close the account and make a refund. Mean time I have cancelled a DD as I didn't want to pay any more. Last month I had missed payment email so rung CS once again and explained once again what is my problem and been promised that my account will be closed same day, gues what... I had an missed payment email yesterday and also been charged a late payment fee!! This is getting beyond ridiculous! Can someone help me with this matter please?!

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17: Community Champion

How did you decide to process the move of ISP @lexwon 


As account access isn't available via this forum anymore can you engage with the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries.


Also due to the nature of the issue and a late charge being applied, and the fact that you have decided to cancel the Direct Debit which if I'm honest I wouldn't have recommended to do as it's easier to get a refund than have a default removed from your Credit File.


I'd check your Credit File via Experian or one of the other Credit Houses to check nothing negative has been added by Vodafone as they are not required to let you know they have.


I hope it hasn't gone that far.


If it has then the Vodafone Social Media Teams also have a dedicated Credit File Specialist Team who can investigate this for you.

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10: Established

I'm wondering if there's still some sort of active service on the account that's still being billed. For example, a few years ago it was common to have your landline and Home Broadband billed seperately. This could lead to a situation where changing Broadband providers meant you could be be billed by two different companies for your phone & Broadband!


I appreciate this may not be your situation, but there must be some sort of service being charged to produce a bill. The best way to find out is to call Vodafone Care and ask them to email a copy of the most recent bill to you. This will be itemised so you can see where the charges are coming from.


Hope you get a resolution!

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