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Other broadband queries

Unable to leave Virginmedia

3: Seeker

I have 200mbs broadband/phone/TV with Virginmedia. I have been trying to switch for a year or so. Sky, BT etc all say that Fibre is available for my postcode but, when I put in my house number, suddenly it isn't available. I rang Sky but they couldn't explain it.

City Fibre (Vodafone) has just installed fibre in our street as part of GigaBit Cities. Same issue: it is available for my street but not for my house number. 

Please could someone shed light on this, as we are being charged an exorbitant monthly amount by Virgin and can't switch! Thank you.

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16: Advanced member

If it is available for your direct neighbours and there is nothing odd about your property then I'd think this is a database error - these things happen.

I understand that you've spoken to Sky but they've said they can do nothing, but it might be worthwhile speaking to a member of the sales team from another supplier.  Often when there is a database error speaking to someone who actually gives a damn is the only way to resolve the error.


*If you are interested in joining Vodafone, then I'd suggest in the first instance contacting via social media is probably actually your best bet.


Good luck and do update us!

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8: Helper



3. Address matching
The purpose of the Address Matching Dialogue Service is to find an address recognised by Openreach
systems, provide Openreach with an address, or an update to an existing address, when the CP places a
The Address Matching tool allows you to search for an address and obtain a matched address reference,
known as an Address Key (ALK). This service allows an address or part of an address to be matched against
either an installation address known by Openreach (a Gold match) or the Post Office Address File or the
Address Base Premium or the Pointer files for addresses from UK local authorities(a Silver match). Gold
matches will have an associated Gold ALK reference. Where an Openreach installation address is not found a
Post Office Address File or an Address Base Premium or a Pointer filematch might still be successful.
This service also allows you to create a temporary ‘Silver ALK’ or ‘Bronze ALK’ for use in order placements
against a Post Office Address or an Address Base Premium or a Pointer File address (a Silver match) or an
unknown address/ Greenfield site (a Bronze match).
The address reference number returned by the Address Matching Dialogue Service is a 12 character key and
will be in the following format:
© British Telecommunications PLC Page 11
 Gold ALK
 1 Alpha
 11 Numeric
 Silver or Bronze ALK
 x = an alphabetic value indicating if the key is Silver (S) or Bronze (B)
 yy = Numeric value for current year (e.g. 13 = 2013)
 ddd = Julian day value for current day (e.g. 007 = 7th January, 365 = 31st December)
 nnnnnn = Sequential number uniquely allocated that day to Temporary Key (e.g. 000001 = First
Temporary Key created that day)
Please note that:
 Submissions of all new provide orders - an ALK must be obtained from the Address Matching Dialogue
 However orders on stopped lines can be placed with the Line ID of the stopped line as an alternative
to the ALK.
 Submitted orders with a Silver or Bronze ALK attached will be sent to the Openreach Network
Addressing Team for validation and may result in extended lead time.



THEREFORE the database may be wrong or incomplete, this does mean the human part of the equation needs to be a little sharper than usual, and perhaps generate a temporary ALK.


It works for new builds that are still at the hole in the ground stage.

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3: Seeker

Thank you, I shall look into that!

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