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Unable to merge SSID's after changing from default SSID

2: Seeker

When I received my VF router I changed the SSID from the default to one of my choice and didn't select "Split SSID" but I noticed the default SSID still appeared when devices searched for Wifi. Quite a while later I've realised all my devices on my SSID are connecting to 2.4GHz even if they are 5GHz compatible. It seems the router has split my SSID into my chosen SSID as 2.4GHz and the default SSID as 5GHz. They are using the same password and I can connect to both manually.

I've tried to split and un-split the SSID in the Expert settings of the router config but the default SSID persists and I cannot merge them into my chosen SSID.

I'd prefer not to revert back to the default SSID for both channels as there are a lot of devices to update - and family members who will complain when I "break the internet"!

Any ideas or is this a bug?

Model: THG3000

Firmware version: 19.2.0307-3261013

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16: Advanced member

A bit strange.

I would reset the router to factory settings via the firmware.

It shouldn't take long to change the SSID to your chosen one if you have an Ethernet device connected ready. In fact it will suggest you do it as soon as you log in after the reset. (don't forget the router password will also be back to default)

I keep a notepad document with the default router password and default SSID password in it so I can quickly cut and paste the passwords and get back in after a factory reset. I tend to factory reset quite often whilst trying things out. Trying to read them from the router when you are in a hurry is a pain.

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