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Other broadband queries

Unable to reach support - 2 Questions

1: Seeker


I tried to contact support earlier today, but the call kept getting dropped after I was asked to input my 4 digit pin, which changed when I setup my second broadband connection and I don't remember choosing it or being told what it was...

My query for support was:

I am planning to transfer ownership of one of my connections, I want to double check that I can do so with the form at, specifying the connection I wish to transfer. I need to ensure the other connection on my account remains in my name.

Now that I have been unable to get through to support (which I assume is caused by not knowing my pin), how can I change my pin without knowing what it is, and without being able to reach support?


Thanks for reading.



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I'm sorry you've had this trouble getting through to our Transfer of Ownership team @gtbeean, I understand how frustrating this must be. You'll be able to update your details such as your security PIN, by logging into your online account. Once you've done this, try contacting our dedicated team again and let us know how you get on 🙂

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