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Other broadband queries

Unreachable server error

2: Seeker

Every time I am on any website when I try to navigate to another page I get a slow response and most times it times out with a server unreachable message, if I hit reload it work first time, speed is not an issue as I have 72mb connection, it’s getting that I turn off home broadband and connect to mobile and all works fine.. any ideas?

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That's strange @Swass. So one of our Broadband Specialists can take a look into this, please get in touch by following the instructions in this private message.

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3: Seeker

I had this when our Vodafone broadband was set up.

Vodafone's default DNS servers wouldn't respond to requests randomly, despite as you say, the connection being perfectly fine. I changed them to CloudFlare's DNS and the problem never come back (You can use any DNS servers you wish).


On the Vodafone router, log in and enable expert mode. Go to Internet and then DNS & DDNS. Switch DNS Configuration to Manual, and enter primary and seccondary IP addresses of any server you wish. They are better than Vodafone's IMO.


Cloudflare is fast and secure, and is on and You could use Google's on and just as examples.

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