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Unusable not fit for use broadband service

2: Seeker


Is anyone from Vodafone going to admit that there's been some recent changes to our broadband service (traffic management / throttling) that's makeing it pretty unusable? Or do they just look at all these posts and copy and paste the same response to every single person with the same issue?

I've been on the Superfast 2 package for over 12 months and on the whole it's been great. But this last week it's now unbearable. The support is the usual scripted nonsense of turning router off and on, plugging into master socket etc when it's clearly not an equipment/wiring problem but a service problem from Vodafone.

My sync speeds are perfect 80000/19999 yet speed tests are disgraceful (4.0 Mbps). This is not what I signed up for. Can we have a propper response from someone at Vodafone about this or at the very least allow us to leave without any penalty and go to a decent ISP.

Everyone in my household are screaming about this and I can do nothing about it. We can't stream services that we are paying for all because of this terrible crippled service that Vodafone are providing.  As a loyal customer who's also paying for a mobile contract along with broadband and home phone this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I want out!



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Moderator (Retired)

Sorry your having problems with your service @nurglexp.


We do check the basics first when looking at any fault. I can understand it gets a bit frustrating if we ask you to do this multiple times, but it's part of a set of diagnostics we use, and really helps us to rule out a number of things. 


4Mbps download speed against a sync speed of 80Mbps is certainly not good at all.

How are you checking this? Over an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection? We would always check this over an Ethernet connection to get the most accurate speed.





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2: Seeker

Still the same old replies! When will Vodafone realise there's some real problems here and do something about it. What a great way to keep your customers happy, just keep spinning them the same crap and drag it out as long as possible while still taking their money.


I'm done, I’ve already initiated a change of ISP and on the 24th I'll never have to put up with this awful service again. I'll pay the early termination fee as I don't have the time to go through the long convoluted process to try and get Vodafone to admit they are not capable of supplying the service I’m paying for. One thing is for sure I'll never use any of Vodafone’s products again.


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2: Seeker

Yesterday's speed test on 4.0 Mbps.

Today's speed test on 64 Mbps.


The difference? Yesterday I was on Vodafone's "Superfast 2" package. Today i'm with another ISP.

Same wiring, same router, same house, same phone, same everything. Only difference is i'm no longer a Vodafone customer. I think that says it all.



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