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Other broadband queries

Upcoming installation. Main phone line is at rear of property.

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I am due to have GIgabit Installed in a few weeks time. Having watched various videos online and reading through different posts on various forums, I am slightly concerned that my installation may not go smoothly. 


My main phone line is in my Living room, which is located at the rear of the house. The connection  (underground box) for Gigabit is at the front of the house. I am concerned that the cable/s may not be able to reach the living room.


Has anyone had any issues like this regarding installation?


Any help will be appreciated.

Thank You

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Hi @notarealpython 

The information that we have had from CityFibre is - Your router will need to placed in the main living area of your home on an outer wall that is easily accessible from the street. You will need two power sockets for the router and a third socket to plug in your phone. 

We hope this helps and we hope that you enjoy the GigaFast service 😁

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