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Other broadband queries

Uswitch Deal with £100 Voucher

1: Seeker

Good Morning.

After consulting Uswitch last night i decided to go with Vodaphone Broadband 24 month contract with a £100 Amazon Voucher.

I clicked the link from Uswitch and it took me to Vodaphone and I was asked  to confirm email address for voucher details. I completed this and then it launched me straight into tailoring and ordering my package - all of which I did.

When I had completed the process i checked my emails to see a string of messages.

Ahead of the emails welcoming me to Vodaphone and confirming my order,  was an email entitled 'Update on Your Gift' When I opened this email,  it said I should complete my purchase using the link supplied in the email in order to qualify for the voucher offer. However,  I had already placed my order and now do not know if I am definately getting the £100 voucher. I need confirmation of this otherwise I will cancel the order. How can I find this out please?


Many thanks



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2: Seeker

I signed up earlier this year using the same sort of offer, and had my own issue as the original order was cancelled by Vodafone in error.


I had to phone to get it the order sorted, but it meant starting over again and the new order number did not match the one associated to the gift card. As Vodafone don’t deal with this directly, I just emailed the third-party service directly with all the relevant details.


If it’s still WeGift (check the bottom of the email you received) then just email them with all the info (tried to attach the e-mail address to this post but it won’t let me). I had to email them again once the specified time period had elapsed (for me it was 120 days) but they were quite quick in sending the voucher out after that considering it was the height of lockdown.

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