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Vodafone Beamforming or should I say lack of it!

2: Seeker

Hi all, please please help,  I have the THG3000g Vodafone router, super fast broadband

could someone advise me regarding the issues I'm having surrounding Beamforming, I have an I Phone XR as well as an I phone 5SE, my wife has the 5SE as well.

I have never been able to get beamforming on either of my two devices yet my wife has it constantly on her device, the same as one of mine! I have included some screen pictures from the app. 
My wife's is the only device that ever shows up as having it in our household including my sons I phone 7 & daughters I phone xr.

What I basically want to no is how can I get it on any device that supports it, I'm totally lost and up to now Vodafone's tech people can't explain it to me either.

thanks in advance

16: Advanced member

Beamforming is a property of the router and it's a passive ability - ie the devices you use don't need any specific alteration to use it.  If it's on the router, the router will attempt to use it!


*Building beamforming into mobile devices has been tested, but it's actually very slow to target the beam, and mobile devices tend to be moved too quickly and too often for it to be worthwhile building the ability into that end of the connection.


If you place your mobile phone on a surface and watch the WiFi field strength, over the period of a FEW SECONDS you'll often see the signal improve - that's the effect of beamforming!  And if you do this and then run the app while the phone is still in one position, it'll probably show that beamforming is active!

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