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Vodafone Connect Broadband Router as VPN client

2: Seeker

I would like to set up the router as a VPN client for a VPN service that I use.


The event logs show it connecting to a new WAN connection (ppp200) but traffic continues to be routed over the original connection. My external IPv4 address remains as the Vodafone allocated IP.

I have set up the credentials as far as I know, although Remote Subnet IP address and Remote Subnet mask are not details that I have. I expect that the VPN provider is expecting DHCP?


I understand from other forum posts that some personal details are required so if an expert could send me a PM to progress this issue that would be appreciated.


Many thanks.

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2: Seeker

I'd like to set up vpn on my router. I've tried live support twice and will not be using again, please just send me precise instructions and the details I need to enter into the vpn settings on the router config menu.




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