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Vodafone Connect router dropping out SOLVED!

1: Seeker

Router was dropping out every few mins and doing my nut in! Initially thought it was the wifi, but realised it was the wired connection too. Tried resetting the router, new phone cable and micro filter, but to no avail. Even tried the age old proven technique of slapping it hard with my hand a few times, but no change.


Had a brain wave and thought it may be an issue with the power supply. Went hoking in the cupboard, in the box of old cables and power supplies that I knew would come in handy some time. Found a suitable powers supply, plugged in the router and voila... router is working prefectly again!! No drop outs!


I got the multimeter out and measured the old vodafone power supply at 12.2VDC, but it must have broken down and not supplying enough current to drive the router.


If you want to give this a try, the power supply must be 12V DC and at least 2amps. If you dont have one lying round the house, you could get one off fleabay for a few quid. Just make sure its the same size connector.


Let me know if you have any success with this

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13: Advanced Member

Make sure you get the polarity correct too... otherwise the VF router might go up in smoke (which may be no bad thing!)

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13: Advanced Member

Sounds like a one off power supply issue.  


Unless of course my router is the one off in that it has always provided a solid wired service despite have up to seven devices (minimum of four always on) connected via an eight port switch.  It is the garbage wifi connections that have given me grief - a common issue of the pos router.


if the power supply is dropping out we'd presumably get corresponding router reboots? 

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