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Vodafone Hub and ASUS Zen WiFi XT8 ?

2: Seeker

I’ve just bought the ASUS zen WiFi XT8 for mesh networking our house which has thick stone walls and is U-shaped, but didn’t check to see if it would work with the Vodafone Hub. I’m clueless to these things so please be kind with the tech waffle. 
Is the Hub a modem and router in one? Do I still plug in the internet line to  the Hub and an Ethernet from WAN port of 1 ASUS to LAN port of Hub?  Thanks ! 

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16: Advanced member

If you are superfast 1 or 2 then you would do better to buy a modem such as the Huawei HG612 V3b (unlocked) or the Draytek Vigor 130.  If you are on Gigafast then you can connect the Asus Zen to the ONT.


In either case, those setups will require you to get your Username & Password and to add just a couple of other settings too.  Connecting the Zen mesh to your VF Modem router is possible, if you just set one up as an access point and the other as a pure mesh device but it'll be very crippled. Or connecing the a Zens Wan port to a Lan port on the VF but that "double nats" which has the potential to cause issues left right and centre!

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3: Seeker

Firstly, from what I hear the ASUS Zen Wifi XT8 is great system with a Wifi 6 backbone and excellent "real world" speeds. So well done on getting it! There are multiple options as far as I am aware with the Vodafone Hub connected to your ONT, or Mastersocket:
1. Connect the main ASUS Zen node to the Vodafone Hub using an ethernet cable and TURN OFF the Vodafone Hub's Wifi. You can then set up the other ASUS nodes around the house (using the ASUS instructions to pair nodes if required and set up optimal locations) to link up wirelessly.  All devices in your house can be set up to connect to the ASUS Zen network via wifi, or plugged in via ethernet cable to regional nodes. At the Vodafone Hub itself, you can also still plug in things via ethernet into the Vodafone Hub (or ASUS main node). The main ASUS node will provide Wifi and devices will connect to the overall Mesh wirelessly. The ASUS system would use the Wifi 6 dedicated backhaul to transmit the internet to each node.

2. The same as above, but slightly different. Connect the main ASUS node to the Vodafone Hub and turn off the Vodafone Hub's Wifi. Then use either internal, or external shielded Cat7/Cat8 ethernet cables (or plastic fibre cables) to connect the main ASUS node to the other Mesh nodes via a wired connection. This will provide a wired backhaul (and thus the full might of the internet speed coming into the house). Same as Option 1 regarding connecting Devices via Wifi to the overall ASUS Mesh network, or via an ethernet cable into either the Vodafone hub, or any ASUS node.


A wired backhaul might be preferable if you need to get a connection speed of 900Mbps to every device in the vicinity of the regional Mesh nodes. The Wifi 6 backhaul network is pretty decent though, and would most likely be ample to get around 500Mbps to the Mesh nodes through walls wirelessly.


The speed with which a Device can ultimately connect depends on Distance from the Wifi source and the technology it possesses (as to whether it can connect on Wifi 5, Wifi 6, what type of antenna etc).  


As for connecting via LAN directly, that is personal preference. But unless you wish to tweak specific internet settings, you can still use the ISP router to connect at the ONT/mastersocket.

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