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Vodafone Modem PIN

2: Seeker

I'm trying to create a wireless network between 2 laptops to share the printer on Windows 10, but I can't find the 8 digit PIN number on the vodafone modem.

Where can I find this number, please?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @aquicompany 


You should be able to set up a wireless network using the WPS key on the side of the router, you also have the manual wirelesss password/key, this should be on a pull out tab on the side of the router and will be a mixture of letters and numbers.


Further information here:

 Device Guides - settings Vodafone Connect Router 

Vodafone WiFi Hub 


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4: Newbie

On the new routers, all pertinent info is on a label underneath the bottom foot that it sits on. 

They also have a pinless WPS button on the top right of the unit.

If your laptop is asking for a WPS PIN, it's likely it's the printer pin that is being asked for, which can be obtained through the printers menu screen. 

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Hey @aquicompany 

Thanks for passing that info over @flilot and @AnnS

Did you manage to find the 8-digit PIN? 


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