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Vodafone Pro Broadband

16: Advanced member

So with working WiFi and a support team who (it's claimed) actually have a clue, Vodafone is now going to be offering their Superfast Pro 35Mbps starting at £35 a month.


Anyone else feel like this is an admission that their current WiFi doesn't work for a lot of their customers, and that Vodafone is essentially calling their support staff clueless!

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9: Established

From the advertising ... "Intelligent WiFi – Our powerful new hub automatically optimises your signal throughout the day, giving all your devices the fastest, most reliable connection."


Translation: Out Wi-Fi will randomly change channel leaving your devices disconnected.


... and "Super WiFi – We’ll provide Super WiFi Boosters to ensure you get reliable WiFi in every room, or you can leave your contract for free – guaranteed."


Translation: The THG3000 has a poor Wi-Fi signal.

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16: Advanced member

From the pictures they still seem to be using the THG3000 hub so I doubt it's a true mesh. If they are just WiFi boosters we all know how well they work.


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