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Vodafone Throttling Netflix???

3: Seeker

Well I broached the subject of compensation and the response I got did not encourage me. So far I've seen zero improvement. In fact over the past couple of weeks, SamKnows shows my connection has got worse. Website load times have increased, download speeds have dropped every so slightly, Netflix download speeds have dropped, packet loss is up, DNS response is longer, and I've noticed things have been worse and caused delays in my work (I'm a software consultant for a cloud based ERP so internet speeds have a dramatic affect on my ability to work from home). 

Vodafone just say "sorry" but that's all they say. I'm still waiting for improvements and a decent response from Vodafone. I've heard very little from them and last I checked, I started this thread. 

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16: Advanced member

freshmint i would be very interested to see what happens when you get the fix unless you already had the fix 

unless your issue is difference 

next fix is sunday overnight 

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2: Seeker

I never thought I'd see the day, but it's fixed for me.


As of the small hours of last night (when my connection appeared to have restarted automatically at least once), I am seeing speeds from and from within the network test in the Netflix Android app of ~35Mbps which is fair considering my line is synching at 39Mbps today...


Let's see how long it holds for!

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16: Advanced member


Thursday about speed came back to 31/31 and has stayed at full speed on single & multi ,THERE IS A BUT


Thursday started getting high fec corrections. Not had any fec this year . Even vodafone tech 2 & 3 don't know why this has started today and Vodafone confirm i have not had this problem before this year.


Issue of slow speed tuesday afternoon onward and all day wednesday and overnight . Thursday morning . Vodafone have absolutely no idea why because there was no congestion and said you should have got the full speed.So same again no idea why 



31MB single and multi speed all day even at peak time.  Online portal 31MB constant .Still have high fec correction but my third party router seems to be coping with them at the moment.

I had high fec corrections last year when i joined on the 30th november. I had 2 vodafone router they both re sync every day and the sync dropped to about 16mb swapped to a third party router at the end of december and fec corrections stopped and sync speed went back to 31

i have agreed with the Vodafone specialist team to leave it a few days and see what happens



WEDNESDAY 13/3/2019 


TIME                                       10AM    11AM  12AM   1 PM         2PM           ALL CRAP FOR THE REST         3AM

FAST                                          6MB      0MB    2MB       31             5 MB                                                                          5MB

THINKBROADBAND         7/31     2/31    0MB       31/31     0

SPEEDTEST.NET                   6MB     0MB     3MB      31/31     

0 = connect to internet but no speed at all . speed test program wont connect because speed too slow 


date tuesday 12/3/2019

 time                                                                4pm   5pm 5:30 5:40 5:45  5:55 6pm 6.25 6:30 6.40 6:45 6:50 7 7:10                                                                                                                               31   7.3    12    31   3.7  31mb  30  5.5   31     0      0     31  16  31  31   8       10    30    0   31mb   31  13   31     2.7  2.3   31  24  31                     31   4        9     31    3    31mb  31  2.7   31     0       2   31  22   31

The same thing happen yesterday the speed dropped from 31mb to only a couple of mb for about 5 minutes and then goes straight back to 31 


With ref to node fix on sunday overnight 10/03/2019/11/03/2019



main exchange is derby    80/20 connectsion       sync 31mb down  7.6 up                           single / multi

monday 11/03/2019

 time                                                                           10am       3pm        4:45        6 pm      7pm       8pm        9pm                                                                                                                                                                           31             31            6           29          31           30           31       31/31      31/31      8/16    31/31     29/31     29/31    29/31                            31/         31/            4/         31/        31            30           30


4:50 till 5pm drop in speed across all tests . single speed at only half speed or less 

5pm back to full speed across all tests 

5:10 onward keeps bouncing from full speed to about half or less in step of about 5min 

6:15 onward back to full speed

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16: Advanced member

quick summary

sunday had the fix

monday full speed all day and night , apart from a blip 5pm till 6pm speed up and down 

tuesday full speed till 5pm then started going up and down ,

wednesday speed jumping from full to nothing all day and night ,  web pages take 20 seconds to load 

thurday at about 11:30 speed went back to full speed at 5pm started getting high fec corrections 

friday still running at full speed on single test even at peak time . still getting high fec corrections 

saturday still running full speed on single . still getting fec correction 

with a bit of luck with being of a third party router the fec correction wont crash the router like it does on the vodafone router 


2019-03-17 (5).png

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2: Seeker

Was Rock solid for the first few days, but yesterday throughout the day and into this morning now dropping to 50% speeds (32mbps down from 68mbs). reporting very slow connection again ~4mbps... 

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Hi everyone, 

Great news! All nodes have now been upgraded and we've seen a positive increase in traffic on the network. We've also received some positive feedback from our users as well.  

If anyone's still experiencing issues, it won't be the same issue and will need investigating seperately - So please start a new thread and one of the team will be able to help.   



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3: Seeker

I decided to leave it a while before posting about the fixes. Pleased to report that All network problems appear to have resolved. SamKnows reports show good consistant performance across the board so this is good. 


Not so good, NO offer of compensation for poor network performance. NO direct communication even though this is my thread and I had Open cases on the issue. NO direct appology for the troubles and the effort I had to go to to PROVE there was an issue and for that to be accepted. 


So great the problem has been resovled but shows just how poor Vodafone customer service is. Poor show overall Vodafone!

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