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Other broadband queries

Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub - can I get one??

3: Seeker

I've had a home broadband setup, since early March of this year.

The connectivity, is or was usually good, however, the last few weeks it's been terrible.

The vodafone router I have HHG2500 passed away, yesterday evening. It often failed. I rebooted daily.

I then spent several hours attempting to call vodafone support and get something sorted. Eventually,, I was answered (90 min) and i was then asked to allow them to send a video link to my mobile phone, so they could watch me film the deceased router, as they attempted to revive it, with various techniques. I pointed out the futlity but complied.

After 20 minutes of no power, no change to reset, unplugging everything, re attaching all, hold this vertical for 30 seconds (with instruction to count aloud so they could see i was doing this ( I suspect it'll end up n a harry hill tv show) he finally declared, we can replace this, "may i put you on hold" .....

20 minutes later, "can i have your address" then more hold.....


"we will send you a new hub in 48hrs. You can keep the other one".


Will i get the same old piece of problem, or can i have the new super flashy space version?? 

I wanted to add a HDD drive to my network, but i could never get it to work with the HHG2500 router. 


Would the new wifi hub work better? 


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2: Seeker



I received the new router THG3000 or something yesterday. It actually has less features than the previous one! I could get the external HDD working on the last model this new model has no FTP and I can't seem to get the network sharing of a HDD to work either. I actually can't see any way it's better than the previous one 

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3: Seeker

that's a surprise & disappointing, Tony. Thanks for the update - It's going to be interesting then, see what happens. 

Does Vodafone allow users to add the connection settings for other brand routers?  

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Hey @WiFiWombat, if you'd like us to take a look into getting you a replacement router sent out; you can find more information about getting in touch here.

We do also allow third party routers, if you'd like to use one of your own. You can get all the details you'll need to get connected by contacting our Broadband Live Chat team. 

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3: Seeker

Thanks for the response Moderator team. 

I have a delivery scheduled tomorrow, so I'll see what i receive, i guess. I have the superfast broadband 2 plan, so I'm hopeful, it my be the newer version. 

If, I don't manage to add a NAS drive via the Vodafone Router, then I'll take you up on the settings team option. 


Thanks again 

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