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Other broadband queries

Vodafone broadband is not working 100% correctly ( Vodafone domain name server DNS issues )

16: Advanced member

If you have issues with the Vodafone name server or you have tested the DNS yourself and find it faulty please comment below and hopefully, Vodafone might acknowledge that there is an issue and that Vodafone broadband is not working correctly. 


I have been running loads of tests over the last few months on domain name servers. 

The simple answer is, Vodafone name server seems to be broken and is only working around 90% with packet loss etc 

I tested this using different devices and different programs and I still get the same results. To double-check I have also tested other DNS name servers at the same time and don't have the same issues with other name servers like Cloudflare, Google, OpenDNS.


You may ask yourself what is a DNS and what does it do. 

Domain Name Server (DNS) is what lets users connect to websites using domain names instead of IP addresses.

If you enter a web address into your browser, The DNS will match it with the IP address which computers can interpret. This routes your computer/tablet connection to the appropriate website you’re trying to get to.


Problems that DNS can cause 

The internet seems to be on a go-slow with high loading times

sky Q box connecting disconnecting like a yoyo

Can't access websites or some website 

Some times it seems like you are offline 

Issue with emails 


Please comment below if you have an issue with Vodafone DNS 

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13: Advanced Member

No problem with here with Vodafone’s default DNS... I just don’t use it.  

The myriad comments in these pages indicate that the VF DNS is inconsistently censorious and its performance is generally poor.  Why persist with it when there’s any number of good, readily available and free to use public servers available?

How long before user selectable DNS is removed from the router’s firmware a la user selectable wifi channels?

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