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Other broadband queries

Vodafone cant provide broadband to new address.

1: Seeker

I have just checked to see if a potential property I may move to can get broadband and it says that it is unavailable.


It did say that there were other options (gigabox) but this was far more expensive than my current monthly cost.


Im currently under contract with Vodafone so just wondered what your options are? if it got to that stage, i'm assuming you may have to pay rest of contract up or maybe an early exit fee maybe?







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16: Advanced member

If you move mid-contract you are supposed to give your current supplier the opportunity to continue the contract at the new address.  If they can't then you should not be forced to do any more than return any equipment that they have supplied you.


Basics are at:


For more details refer to the terms and conditions


Please read these carefully, at least one customer on these boards has been informed that they would be required to take out a new contract - THIS IS INCORRECT - the existing contract according to VFs T&Cs should be transferable!

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