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Vodafone home fibre broadband VPN setting

2: Seeker

Tried logging on to check just how many days i have left and i get this... yayyy !!!



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NETGEAR D7000-200UKS Nighthawk 


is now on sale for 99 at Amazon. Not the best brand. Other BB providers are not better and VF is cheaper.



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2: Seeker

Hi, so I have an update on this.


  1. I have not managed to get anyrhing to dial into a Vodafone router
  2. I have been able to get a Vodafone to connect to a Draytek 2850, here are the settings:
    1. On the DrayTek go to VPN and Remote Access
    2. Select IPSec General Setup
      1. Pre-Shared Key: [set your shared key here]
      2. Medium (AH): [selcted]
      3. High (ESP): Select 3DES and AES
      4. Press OK
    3. On the DrayTek go to VPN and Remote Access
    4. Select LAN to LAN
    5. Create a new profile
    6. Notes:
      1. If I have not mentioned a setting, it was not selected / set
      2. In this example the remote (Vodafone) network is 10.10..10.1/24
      3. In this example the local (draytek) netowrk is
    7. Common Settings:
      1. Enable this profile: [selected]
      2. VPN Dial-Out Through: WAN1 First
      3. Netbios Naming Packet: Pass
      4. Multicast via VPN: Block
      5. Call Direction: Dial In
      6. Idle Timeout: 0 Seconds
    8. Dial-Out Setting (not used but added here for completeness)
      1. IPSec Tunnel: [selected]
      2. Server IP/Host Name for VPN: [Vodafone router address]
    9. Dial-In Settings:
      1. IPSec Tunnel: [selected]
      2. VJ Compression: On
    10. Gre over IPSec Settings
      1. Nothing selected here
    11. TCP/IP Network Settings
      1. My WAN IP:
      2. Remote Gateway IP:
      3. Remote Network IP:
      4. Remote Network Mask:
      5. Local Network IP:
      6. Local Network Mask:
      7. RIP Direction: Disabled
      8. From first subnet to remote network, you have to do: Router
    12. On the Vodafone Router
      1. I will be honest here, I have forgotten the exact settings and the router will not let me acess the admin page over the VPN so this is from an old mail I sent to my father in law (see very first post on this thread 🐵
      2. Goto:
      3. The password is vodafone (unless you have changed it)
      4. Top right, select the drop down and select "Expert Mode"
      5. Select Settings in the red menu bar
      6. Select Configuration on the left-hand menu
      7. Change the VPN Client to IPSec, other setting are:
        1. Destination Host Name: [internet address for router]
        2. Remote Subnet IP Address:
        3. Remote Subnet Mask:
        4. Shared Secret: [this is the shared secret you set on the DrayTek]
        5. Press Apply

Now, in theory the Vodafone router will dial into the DrayTek, see below image for proof 🐵


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If you'd still like help with this @carp3di3m, I've sent you a private message over with details on how to get in touch.

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2: Seeker
First off can I say I do not have a VF router so am unable to look at the VPN configs in detail. For those trying to use the VPN connectivity offered by the VF router as remote user access I do not think it will work. There are two common types of VPN connectivity provided by VPN servers, SITE to SITE and REMOTE USER ACCESS, site to site is used to connect two networks together typically for corporate offices etc. and I believe this is what the VF router is able to provide. Where remote user access is offered it would be normal for the VPN server (router with vpn) to have the ability to create and store a user list for multiple users who are authorised to access the VPN, I do not believe this exits in the VF router? Typically a remote access VPN server on a router would cope with around 32 concurrent users.
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2: Seeker

I'd like to set up vpn on my router. I've tried live support twice and will not be using again, please just send me precise instructions and the details I need to enter into the vpn settings on the router config menu.




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2: Seeker

Hi there,

I have tried to connect my router to SurfShark, but have not been successful. Can anyone help with the precise instructions? 

Thank you. 

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Hi @gaijin28 are you trying to install the VPN directly onto the router, or are you installing the VPN on your chosen device? Also, which router is it that you're using currently? 

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2: Seeker

I've installed it on devices, tried to install it on Samsung smart tv but didn't work. So the only option would be to install it on router. I am using the normal vodafone router. Model HHG2500. 

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What happens when you install it onto the router @gaijin28

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2: Seeker

Hi how do you connect Nord VPN to Vodafone Router please?

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13: Advanced Member

@majb wrote:

Hi how do you connect Nord VPN to Vodafone Router please?

See my reply to your other post.

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