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Other broadband queries

Vodafone refuses to apply Vodafone together discount

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I ordered Vodafone Superfast 2 on 14/08/19 (activates in 02/09/19) and then a 30 SIMO plan on 19/08/19 (in the same account and activated in 19/08/19).

According to this announcement from the same day I ordered broadband Vodafone together I should be elegible to get a monthly discount of £2 (and this should be applied automatically) but Vodafone refuses to apply saying that I don't qualify. 
Their Twitter team told me you MUST order via the Vodafone a Together website (not mentioned anywhere on their website or T&Cs). I then called 191 and was told it had been applied to then receive a message from the same twitter agent saying that was not the case. 
I called 191 and they said they couldn't apply the discount to my account as the promo hadn't launched at the time but their announcement  clearly says it's active. Has anyone else had issues getting Vodafone to apply the discount?  Thanks

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I'm sorry to hear you've been receiving conflicting information @u2santi. Get back in touch with us via Twitter DM with a link to this message and one of our social media team will look into this for you and give you our definitive answer.

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