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Other broadband queries

Vodafone router as modem only

13: Advanced Member

@SuitstusirYou've suggested an xdsl modem might do the job. Can you recommend one and does it still have to be a Vodafone one?


An ebay 2nd hand  HG612 is the cheapest option and likely to be the easiest to get to work.  If you search this forum for HG612 you will see that others have them working.

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4: Newbie

Linksys WRT 1900 and up family will set up bridge for you in auto mode. It is stable. My works 8 months without reset. Lag and ping are 2ms lower than on original modem.


Voodoo modem cannot support more than 2 WiFi devices streaming at the same time.

Rule of thumb : 1 antenna sticking out of router - 1 WiFi your Google device

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2: Seeker

Hi thanks for the advice - I've managed to get the Airport Time Capsule (ATC) working with an internet connection by following the attached steps. 


You will now be able to set up a guest wifi network with internet access - remember to connect the VF router to the WAN port on the ATC.


I'd recommend using the native MacOS Airport Utilities app rather than the iOS one.