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Vodfone Connect (Huawei HHG2500) Network Drive Problem

2: Seeker

I think a network drive, achieved by plugging a usb drive into the modem-router’s usb socket is a great idea. Especially for say, your video files, which any wireless laptop etc can then play. BUT when I plug my 2.5 inch external usb dirve into the HHG2500, the drive light blinks continuously - clearly not good for the drive. This problem does not occur with either, TP_Link_TD_W9970 or Technicolor_TG589vac vdsl modem-routers. Whilst I applaud vodafone for offering good value broadband service, I feel supplying a hub which has not been fully tested and still has problems is unwise as initial impressions may be disappointing.


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13: Advanced Member

If you actually get though to someone at tech support they will tell you that (amongst other things) the USB ports on the router are not supported for anything other than plugging in a mobile data dongle.

You can probably get it to work with a USB pen drive (though it's unsupported), but you have to (or at least used to have to) format the drive in a specific format - I believe it's FAT32.  Even then, if you use the plugged in device it's quite likely to put the router into a boot loop!  If you try and run the built in Twonky server you WILL eventually put the router into a boot loop (which if left to loop and reboot thanks to cabinet DLM *WILL* even impact your routers sync speed - *FACT*).

Beyond this, there are many functions on the router that when you try to use them, won't work, and as soon as you talk to tech support you'll be told they are unsupported.  We've even had people on the forums told by support not to use the Ethernet ports, because they are making too great a demand on the router and it's only designed for light use

Lets not even get into the issue of telling people to "split the SSIDs", without even explaining why, or how to do it PROPERLY!

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13: Advanced Member

have you tried to split the SSIDs , this will waste time and hopfully after a week or so has gone by,  you might have given up complaining .


if you have got a Technicolor_TG589vac i would use that in stead of the vodafone router , its a lot better router just remember to turn off the cwmp setting if its an old sse router

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