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Other broadband queries

Way to go VF

13: Advanced Member

This is so fast, I can't control my excitment!


vf-28-20190210-1200-sync.gifGreat sync speedvf-27-20190210-1200-speedtest.gifShocking throughput through VF's network


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13: Advanced Member

Where are the VPN hosts located?


Pressumably, the route to get to them doesn't go via VFs slow network otherwise you wouldn't see a speed improvement when on them? (I'm basing this on the theory that VF don't throttle).

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14: Advanced member

I just think it's runing on a out of date network that can't handle the amount of customers 

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Moderator (Retired)

Well there's certainly no denying that's it pretty slow @mbames


Did you have anything else running in the background when you done this test?

A connection to a PS4/ XBOX gaming server, or 4K TV streaming perhaps?


What's the highest throughput speed you're seeing when you run a speedtest?




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13: Advanced Member

This taken was taken shortly after speaking to VF Directors Office who told me the service was working perfectly.  haha.


No streaming, etc going on (no games consoles in the house, unless a count a Wii, which wasn't on).  Just the one PC attached

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15: Advanced member

At least you managed to get a reading from it!  From Teeside if you try to connect to the VFs London speedtest server I'd normally get that the server is unavailable!


Tried just now and got this result:

London Speedtest.gif

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13: Advanced Member

That is well shonky for the daytime.


Just tried mine - in both cases look at that perfectly capped max download speed.

Abingdon (speed test autoselected)



VF London

vf-29-20190211-1111-vf.gif12/02/2018 @ 11:11

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