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Other broadband queries

Website is blocked by content control

1: Seeker


My company's website,, is blocked by Vodafone content control. Our company produces marketing and advertising materials for corporations and broadcasters and there is nothing on the site that ought to be age restricted (in fact a lot of our work relates to children's programming). 


Can the age restriction block on the site please be removed?

Thank you,


Peter Smyth

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16: Advanced member

You may have had a glitch, I'm only a user, but using Vodafones default DNS and with the content controls set on Ultra safe, your site is still viewable here!

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3: Seeker

As Keith points out, that the default DNS is not causing an issue..

I would suggest checking which DNS your network (or affected network) is using, and take the issue to them, or change the DNS address.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hey @wonderfulconten how did you test this?

Are you actually testing over a Vodafone broadband connection, or are you getting reports from some of our customers?


If you're testing on our service, you can use TRACRT to see where the connection fails.  Let us know if you need any help with this.

Also, it could be your website hosting company, if you use one, blocking a range IP addresses in error.



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