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Other broadband queries

Website says im not in UK so cant access it !

2: Seeker

Today i have been trying to access a UK based company website via wifi> vodafone fibre broadband. 

The website says i appear to be not in the uk so i cannot access it.


I retried using cellular data and it worked fine.

Are vodafone cacheing websites offshore or something similar?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @dooper 


A similar thread


If you use the same social media channels as in the linked thread, this will make it quicker for you to receive a reply with help and support.

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2: Seeker

Thanks. It wasnt a social media website


It was


The front page loads then when you click get a quote, it blanks nd says it looks like your not in the uk..

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2: Seeker

Try using who will tell you where you IP is geo-located.  If they say it is assinged to a location in the UK then Churchill must be using a rather wierd lookup list and maybe they need to know.

Alternatively, are you using any VPN service such as IPVanish as most IPs used by such companies are on block lists.


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