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What Internet services does Vodafone provide?

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Apologies in advance for the size of this, but if there was such a thing as simple as a support e-mail direct to Vodafone I'd've used that instead.


Anyway, my street has just been activated with Gigafast (cabinet's been there for a couple of months, but now the website says "yes!"), so I'm considering moving from PlusNet (who I've been with since dial-up days - 20 years or so. My account has a lot of features that new customers can't get, so if I move and decide to move back if Vodafone is not suitable, then I'll lose them - not to mention all of my referral discounts, so I need to know for sure before committing - mind you I guess I could have both active as an overlap since they are different mediums).


Since there is more to the Internet than surfing the web, I'm trying to find out if Vodafone can support my needs (the website help is absolutely abysmal!!!). I've had a hunt through this forum, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions.


I have my own domains (managed by Joker) that PlusNet currently hosts (to allow services below to operate). I can't see anything about domain hosting - is this possible? In case you're wondering why PlusNet don't manage it as well as host it... they want 5 to 10 times the renewal cost on domains that Joker do (depending on type of domain).


I have my own websites - hosted on PlusNet's (now partner) webservers, and my domains (since hosted by PlusNet) point to these webpages. The lack of web hosting isn't a killer... I've got a raspberry Pi cluster that I've set up a load-sharing webserver (just for fun), so may just forward port 80 to that. However, do Vodafone have web hosting? I don't want to pay for additional web hosting - either ISP included, or I'll do it myself!


On the subject of ports, are there any port restrictions for incoming connections? For example, when I joined EE many, many years ago for mobile, only HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP and IMAP were allowed... so to SSH into my home server from my tethered PDA or laptop, I ended up having to put it onto port 443 - not that I'd ever open up port 22 as that's just asking for trouble! Again, there's more to the Internet than ports 80 and 443! I need unrestricted access to all 65535 if necessary, for hosting services on my internal servers.


E-mail servers - are there Vodafone SMTP / POP3 / IMAP servers (which will allow receiving my domain's e-mail) available - assuming that Vodafone can host my domain? Or would I have to find an alternative? Yes, I also use Gmail... but I prefer to use my domain for e-mails. Trawling the forum, it appears that there are not, but I can't be sure?!


Static IP - I currently have one (for free) and I see on this forum that allegedly Vodafone offers a free static IP, but there are many, many threads about problems getting this activated and working. This is very pertinent if Vodafone don't have web hosting, as I'd need to point my domain records to a static IP.


Also, regarding the connection, I hear that the installers simply want to drill a hole in the wall, shove the fibre through and terminate it there. I'd like the fibre routed into a small cupboard in the middle of the house where my switchgear lives. To make things simple for the installer (I assume that they'd not entertain crawling under the floor), I could even drill a hole in the wall and run a bit of string from the hole to my cupboard. Would that be acceptable? That may be a question for a different discussion group though.


Thanks for any info,



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The services provided on the domestic packages are about as minimal as you can get and still be an ISP!

Provision as I am aware:

I'm unaware that Vodafone offers any hosting of websites, though you can host a site that is accessible from the internet, but I believe there is a catch-all in there regards it being non-commercial.

I'm not aware of Vodafone blocking any protocols or ports *if you use your own equipment*.

From the sounds of things YOU'LL REALLY WANT TO BE USING YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT as there are reports that certain ports (including those you mention) are blocked on VFs router+modems.  Hell, the supplied devices can't even manage (they actively mess it up) internal media streaming!

There are no ISP supplied email servers available to subscribers that I'm aware of!

It is still in the contract that you are entitled to a static IP address should you wish *AND* it certainly used to be the case that for a fee you could have more than one static IP address - though good luck getting the info from tech support to set them up!


As for the business plans, they hide the details so well that I suspect the only way you'd ever find out would be to talk to a sales advisor.


Regards the installation:  On Gigafast you get an ONT (PON, modem call it what you want for simplicities sake).  The ONT then connects to the router using a standard ethernet cable.  It's the standard VF modem/router, but when connected via its ethernet WAN port, it turns the VDSL modem circuit off  If using your own router then you need to use VLAN 911 in most cases and a PPPoE connection with a username and password that VF can supply.  So, just direct the engineers to a point where you can then route via ethernet from ONT to your switchgear cupboard!

Thanks for the detailed reply @KeithAlger.


Sounds like I'll be moving to a very much inferior service albeit at a much higher speed. I think VF should have stuck to mobile networks... the more I read on this forum, the more I discover what a poor infrastructure (sounds like their backbone can't cope with all of these FTTP connections) and service they have! Also sounds like their technical support just reads off scripts (and on here don't even bother to read the original questions properly)! Mind you... people will only post here if they have problems, so the figures are slightly biased.


Installation wise, it was the placement of the ONT that I was asking about. I'd like that in beside the switch-gear, otherwise the "lazy installer" option would be to screw it to my bedroom wall as that's in a straight line from the wee hatch on the pavement - this isn't ideal as the bed and bed-side tables are on that wall with no space for anything else. Mind you, my wee cupboard is a bit tight (attached photo), so I may need to rearrange things 🙂


Some careful consideration needed!

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12: Established


All I know about Vodafone you could type on the back of a postage stamp.


They use a DNS server of which is a "Family" safe option.

You would obviously change that to  or  or similar.