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Other broadband queries

Which VOIP phone works with Vodaphone Gigafast phone service?

2: Seeker

Hi, Been told by customer service to get a VOIP with a hide caller ID function if i want to hide my caller ID because they cannot do it from there end.


Dailing 141 then entering the number i wish to call doesnt work using any BT socket phones. i have tried a Panasonic phone and BT decor 2600. Even tried RJ11 to RJ11 but neither of these phone would turn on without using the adapter they give.


I have a old Snom D710 but not sure how to set it up with the vodaphone gigafast phone service. i tried connecting it to telephone port but nothing happens. when plugging it into a ethernet port it doesnt detect the vodaphone number.


Anyone know a VOIP which i can just plug in back of the tel ports on the rotuer or a BT phone which has a hide caller ID function.