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Other broadband queries

Why is Vodafone support so bad?

2: Seeker

I have been having a broadband dsl drop-out problem for more than 2 weeks, random drop-outs perhaps hours apart but sometimes every few minutes for a whole day.  Since Sunday (4 days) completely lost broadband.


We have had mutiple online chats and multiple telephone conversations, every person said they were going to fix our problem, none have.  Each time we have been told and engineer was booked for 72 hours.  Last conversation, no engineer booked so far apparently, escalating to level 3, then a decision to book and engineer would be made and the 72 hours would be started again!  So no internet and working from home so can't do my job properly and absolutly no apologies.


Telephone support is obviously abroad, last one said they where in Egypt, no wonder theres a language problem and the line delays are perhaps 2-3 seconds!


One guy wanted to get me to allow him to take over my mobile camera (and god knows what else) and got really upset when I said NO.  Surely this is not how support should work?


Please Mr Vodafone take note your support is awful, you will lose customers.  We only live about 8 miles from Vodafone HQ you'd think we could get reasonable support.


Stop using offshore support people and use psople who's native language matches the country being supported.







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Hi @pwdixon, we understand the importance of having a good and reliable internet connection. So we can take a look at your experience and check for any updates with the tech ticket, we would like you to contact us with your details on Twitter or Facebook please. You can find how to contact us here

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7: Helper


Difficult to say, but most of the support "teams" don't seem to use VodaFone.

If they did, they would empathise, maybe even make an effort to help.






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