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Wifi 5ghz automatically selecting above channel 48

2: Seeker

I'm having a potential issue with my hub when the hub chooses the best WiFi channels automatically. I've noticed after a recent clean reset that I can't seem to select my own channel manually anymore, and after about a week an old issue has cropped up again where half my devices get booted down to 2.4ghz because the router decides it needs to select a 5ghz channel around 100 or so! Half of my devices can't see this channel and from what I understand anything above 48 are the DFS channels where radar operates!! The problem i had last time is that 2.4ghz band became unstable as well after that and started kicking my tablet and soundbar off the network completely. So I'm worried I'm going to run into those issues again.  I'm not in a busy apartment block but I suppose there could be congested channels on the 5ghz network booting me up to such a high channel number. Is this normal for routers to resort to the DFS channel spectrum or could my router be faulty perhaps.  Seen some other users query how this router uses channel auto select. Will probably switch isp at the end of my contract if I keep running into this issue just to get a more stable router if it is indeed buggy software thats causing it.

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Hey @jameshull010 Let's see if we can get this sorted for you, pop us a message through one of our social channels and we'll be happy to take a closer look 🕵 Add your Community username and as link to this thread in your message, this will prevent you repeating yourself and help us get you on the right path quicker.

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