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Other broadband queries

Wireless router keeps forgetting iphone

4: Newbie

Hello, ive been a vodafone FTTC customer for about a year . 


All the time i have noticed that occasionally, the wireless router will suddenly stop streaming data to my iphone(s) and i have to go into the iphone setting, flick wireless off,pause for a couple of seconds then flick it on again. 


When the throughput stalls, it is still showing as connected to the router. 


Ive tried reserving a DNS IP address exclusively for the phones in the router but it made no difference..


any ideas anyone or is it just the router thats crap?

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Hey @dooper Do you have the same problem with any other wirelss devices, or is it just your iPhone that loses connection? If so, this maybe connected to your iPhone. After looking into this, it may help if you try forgetting your WiFi network, restarting your iPhone and then reconnecting. 


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