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broadband dropouts

2: Seeker

I switched to Vodafone broadband a few months ago. My broadband speed is marginally slower, which I'm prepared to accept - there is a significant cost difference. However the connection constantly drops. It's not a wi-fi issue since most of my devices are connected via ethernet.


I'm contemplating changing the modem/router but having read other posts it doesn't seem to be a sure fire fix and I'm reluctant to spend money if I still havethe same issue - does anyone have a suggestion(s)?


Much appreciated.


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13: Advanced Member

The Vodafone router is not good at keeping a DSL connection and it can also suffer if substatial use is made of the Wifi.  See what I wrote in the Asus RT-AC68U thread to address problem one.  I use an ebay VMG8924-B10A bought for less than £25

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3: Seeker

So the symptoms I’m getting are pages not loading completely or just server not responding. If I switch WiFi off/on on my devices it works fine. Is this some sort of congestion?

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Moderator (Retired)

@jeffster_lives I'd recommend trying to change your Wi-Fi settings.

Please try the following steps:
1. Type into your browser.
2. This will bring up the Graphical User Interface (GUI) where you can login into the router.
3. It will ask you for a password and the default password is vodafone all in lower case.
4. Once logged in you’ll see a drop down bar that says Basic Mode, change it to Expert Mode.
5. In the red bar below this there is 6 headings, Overview, Internet, Wi-Fi, Sharing , Settings and Status & Support. Please click on Wi-Fi.
6. Click General on the menu on the left hand side. On this page will be the option to 'Split SSID' make sure it toggled green.
7. You'll see options for the 2.4Ghz frequency, and further down the page the 5Ghz frequency, both named VodafoneConnect - I would recommend changing the Wi-Fi names for both.
8. (I suggest changing the 2.4 to VodafoneDistance and the 5Ghz to VodafoneSpeed, as that's what each frequency is best at)
9. Then click Apply at the bottom. The screen will change to “Gateway Unreachable” The router will briefly disconnect and reconnect - should take 1-2 minutes.
10. When you go into the Wi-Fi settings on your phone/tablet, instead of VodafoneConnect, you'll see VodafoneDistance and VodafoneSpeed - connect to speed if it is available.


I hope this helps, let me know how you get on.

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2: Seeker

Many thanks for the advice - already tried that but it made no difference. Vodafone have replaced the router and that has made it slightly worse - the dropouts last a little longer. They are blaming interference by the router even though I’ve had no problems with either Sky or BT with the same setup. Nevertheless I’ve isolated the router and so far no improvement. After 4 calls so far they may deign to send an engineer if it’s no better by Thursday! I’m close to chucking it in and going back to Sky!!!

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3: Seeker

Splitting out 5 and 2.4 seems to have helped!

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