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Other broadband queries

[lua] session.lua:103: changeUser(): changing user to vodafone

16: Advanced member

Does anyone actually know what this is?

[warn] 5589#0: *820767 [lua] session.lua:103: changeUser(): changing user to vodafone


and this 

[warn] 5589#0: *820767 [lua] session.lua:353: new(): new session for default user

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16: Advanced member

I don't know exactly what they are, but I get them as well, and I think they are you logging into the router. 

I think default user is when you are in basic mode and Vodafone when you are in expert mode. Just guessing.


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12: Established

I found some code out of a related router, made by the same supplier as the THG3000. It looks like it's where the boot loader spins off the VF specific app(s) from the linux system underneath. You wouldn't want the router user interface code running under uid 0.

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