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probably the worst broadband ever

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LOL are you staff now??


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Not surprised, but yet again priceless poor service by Vodafone.

Migrated 2 weeks ago and not had final bill and approaching DD time plus got the "You haven't returned your router" email despite returning it over 2 weeks ago to a store and visually saw notes on account (I know I know the email is automated), so tipped me over the edge to call CS and ask about the bill.

Unfortunately got a non-UK call center:Worried_Face:

The gentleman continually put me on hold to answer the basic question "can you see and confirm I have returned the router" I think he eventually confirmed they had got it. He offered to send a text but hasn't.

Asked about the final bill - after being on hold for 5 mins (does it really take that long to open a bill????) I then realise he is talking about the previous bill.

After 10 mins on hold yet again he finally says the final bill hasn't been generated despite my normal billing date of the 16th of the month.

Since your online account gets deactivated immediately when you leave I asked for a copy of the bill by post, to which of course their answer was "We can't do that." I asked why not since they sent the termination letter and documents when the service was started. 10 more mins on hold..... "We can only send a paper bill if you have a monthly service with us." :Horror_Face:

Anyway more poor service to add to the list when I finally bother to call the directors office to chase my complaint that hasn't been responded to in over 2 weeks.

Anyway, mods please, no need to reply I am supposed to have a complaint being escalated with "directorsupport". If you really do have some power/influence then please try and make things better for your remaining customers by correcting your internal systems.

To others who have left/leaving I hope you have a better experience than me and fingers crossed for what ends up on your final bill!! If you can find out!!

However the UK CS staff I have spoken too, all but one, have been very helpful and polite.

Rant over, I really must get round to deleting my forum account so I don't waste more time ranting!

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