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Other broadband queries

probably the worst broadband ever

13: Advanced Member



So if you open a terminal on your router and type "vdsl status" what output do you get?


Here's mine:

Type ? for command help
vdsl status

  ---------------------- ATU-R Info (hw: annex A, f/w: annex A/B/C) -----------
   Running Mode            :      17A       State                : SHOWTIME
   DS Actual Rate          : 48999000 bps   US Actual Rate       :  8496000 bps
   DS Attainable Rate      : 50531192 bps   US Attainable Rate   :  8697000 bps
   DS Path Mode            :        Fast    US Path Mode         :        Fast 
   DS Interleave Depth     :        1       US Interleave Depth  :        1 
   NE Current Attenuation  :       21 dB    Cur SNR Margin       :        4  dB
   DS actual PSD           :     7. 6 dB    US actual PSD        :    14. 0  dB
   NE CRC Count            :        0       FE CRC Count         :     1461
   NE ES Count             :        0       FE  ES Count         :      857
   Xdsl Reset Times        :        0       Xdsl Link  Times     :        2
   ITU Version[0]          : b5004946       ITU Version[1]       : 544e0000
   VDSL Firmware Version   : 05-07-06-0D-01-07   [with Vectoring support] 
   Power Management Mode   : DSL_G997_PMS_L0 
   Test Mode               : DISABLE 
  -------------------------------- ATU-C Info ---------------------------------
   Far Current Attenuation :       29 dB    Far SNR Margin       :        6  dB
   CO ITU Version[0]       : b5004244       CO ITU Version[1]    : 434da48c
As you can see it's not perfect, but with it's mostly down to the cabinet having problems!
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4: Newbie

IM Happy there is no issue with the conection, the issue is Throughtput across CWs network ;-)


 Downstream            Upstream                
Actual Rate79997Kbps19999Kbps
Attainable Rate81916Kbps27579Kbps
Path ModeFastFast
Interleave Depth11
Actual PSD-4.-2dB13. 7dB
 Near End                 Far End                   
ReTx0 1 
SNR Margin6dB10dB
HEC Errors00
RS Corrections00
LOS Failure22
LOF Failure00
LPR Failure02
NCD Failure00
LCD Failure00




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4: Newbie





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12: Established

we are starting to come together as a community because we are all having the same issues over and over and vodafone seams to be washing every thing under the carpet etc also the media team needs to be replaced with more qualified advisers lets all help each other please read and share this post please

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13: Advanced Member

Regards the throughput, the Aspire Speedtest server in gateshead is not the best.


So for the below, I'm closer to Gateshead than I am to York.  Also because of the time of day, I did these tests over WiFi, and there were others here online, as a result the speed is about 1.5Mbpsless than it would be pure!


And for the record regards the slow connection speeds here at least, it's purely an OpenReach issue with a cabinet that is driving them nuts!


*Note to the admins, don't worry about the IP showing, by the time this was posted that had already been changed!


*edit - see date in images


Hard to express how envious I am of your signal - though not the throughput!



And the reason behind my low bits per tone.

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Hey @copex, your obviously on a very short landline going by your attainable rate,. Are you testing this over an Ethernet connection? Also, have you raised a fault with our Technical Specialists for this? 



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4: Newbie

sadly it make no differnce whe testing over wifi or wired, yes i have talked to your Technical Specialists unfaunatly they are unable to move away from trying to blame the issue on me using my own router.


ive even asked to leave sadly no one is lisening.

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Are you actually using your own router to test this then? If so, what make and model is it, and are there any marked differences with our router? Also, is your throughput speed consistently slow, or does it vary depending of the time of day or night?



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4: Newbie


im using a draytek 2860, i have to use this router for out of hours for my work, i asked if it was ok and if i could have a static ip and the answer was yes... i was refunded for the VF router and it was returned.


i was told nearly 2 weeks ago they would make a decision if i was able to leave penalty free and would be notified in 7 days... LOL lets see how long it takes........ the throughput issue seem to be when the network is busy and then you see strange routing of the packets hopping over to the us and back Humm... youtube bbc i player videos buffer randomly online gaming lags , as for trying to use voip, and all of the issue disappear when using a o2 4g dongle connected to the router, but there is nothing wrong with VF network.



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4: Newbie

YAY packet loss today, first test is over a vpn when i can access the sight, second is over Vodafone when the page times out and is inaccessable....... QUILITY Broardband NOT!!!


:~$ mtr -r
Start: 2019-01-26T15:44:26+0000
HOST:                             Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev
  1.|--                   0.0%    10   27.3  24.2  22.9  27.3   1.3
  2.|--                0.0%    10   26.9  44.9  24.6 153.8  39.7
  3.|--             0.0%    10   27.1  31.3  25.1  58.4  10.5
  4.|--  0.0%    10   31.2  32.4  28.7  43.4   4.7
  5.|--               0.0%    10   25.3  26.7  25.2  30.7   1.9

:~$ mtr -r Start: 2019-01-26T15:46:27+0000 HOST: Loss% Snt Last Avg Best Wrst StDev 1.|-- _gateway 0.0% 10 1.1 1.4 0.6 4.2 1.0 2.|-- host-212-158-250-39.dslgb 10.0% 10 11.7 9.2 7.5 14.3 2.4 3.|-- 0.0% 10 13.8 9.1 7.7 13.8 1.9 4.|-- 10.0% 10 11.5 9.5 8.6 11.5 0.9 5.|-- 0.0% 10 8.0 8.0 7.5 8.5 0.4


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@copex Thank you for all the information, we'd really like to get this resolved for you. I've sent you a private message on how to get in touch so we can look in to this further for you. Joe

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4: Newbie



been there done that, asked to leave 2 /12 weeks no resopnce.  was told 7 days LOL....


So Mrs Copex has the same phone, so i sent her off to her mam's as there is a new update avaible for the phones called her on the landline and we started the update at the same time...


25 mins later her phone was updated,

45 min my phone is still downloading...... LOL vodaphone broardband only got to 50%


Vodaphone Broardband  = JOKE

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4: Newbie


todays joys - packet loss :-) and netflix buffering, i just want to relax and watch some netfilx after a hard days work, IS THIS TWO MUCH TO ASK VODAPHONE?



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4: Newbie

Has any one seen my INTERNET?


my router is in sync and connected and has not just dissconected, but my phone whent back to 4g and no devices connected to the router will conect to the net "computer says no" TV say check internet connection....


5 miniuts later it has returned, it must have pop out for a smoke....

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@copex I'm sorry it's got to this stage, did you get a case reference from them? I'd recommend messaging the team back with any details, to see if there's been any descion on this yet, Joe

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4: Newbie

@joe I JUST WANT TO LEAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! without penatility, i was never given a refernce number, im starting to beleve i was just transfered from one agent to another.


as i type this im watching youtube buffering the joys.

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8: Helper

@copex wrote:

@joe I JUST WANT TO LEAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! without penalty

Keep at it.  I got a letter today confirming I can leave penalty free.   It can be done.

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4: Newbie

so i called the cancellations team, talked to a very nice lady unfortunately she was from a none uk call center and struggled to understand my northern accent. the conversation end as she advise she was unable to help me and would get some to call me, (im still waiting) interestingly she could see details on my last call but didn't seem to be able to find the request to leave, i was offered a discount which i politely decline.


So what bring me here today? I set a game off downloading on xbox at 07:30am and it finshed downloading at 13:30 - even ms is not that slow... (My xbox is connect by an ethernet cable)



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It sounds like this may have been passed to a manager, or possibly our Customer Relations team @copex.  

You'll receive a call shortly. 


Please let us know how you get on.



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4: Newbie

The joys of vodaphone broardband.....


so my daughter had been studing hard on a home based course and today she had to take her exam, this is online via a website and once you start you have a time limit to complete it, she got about 15mins in then the website started to timeout, she managed to get reconnected to see the timer hit 00:03 time left. so she contacted the people running the exam and was told the they had had no issue with there servers and other student has completed the exam at the same time as her, if she can show the internt had been offline at the time of the exam then they would let her resit for free,


ive just check my router and it shows it has been online for 52 hrs, as she is a poor student i now have to find the mony for her to resit..



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