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Other broadband queries

router return

4: Newbie

please can someone get me a return bag for router. everytime i try to forget vf and not spend time on phone they seem to find another way of showing how useless thier customer service really is. had 3 emails telling me its coming, that was 2 wks ago. i really do pity anyone who has a problem. i know they ll say not all have probs but its how vf are when you do. TOTALLY USELESS is the only way say it. so if any modarator see this can you get it sent please. you seem to be the only people that know what your doing. hopefully wont be back on again.

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12: Established

Post it back to:



Vodafone - Router Returns

Clown Central

Big Top

Network Blackhole


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4: Newbie

i know what you mean

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Hey @donkey1959, I'd suggest contacting us via Live Chat as they'll be able to organise a returns bag for you.

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