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Other broadband queries

signing up for fibre

2: Seeker

I've been trying to login all day to sign up to switch my broadband.

Given that most of the query and account screens are just hanging today and that any attempt to ring them up results in them texting me a link to another defective web page is this an example of the general standard of customer and broadband service that I can expect?

Will I be making a huge mistake if I take out broadband with Vodafone?




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17: Community Champion



The site seems to be working correctly with pages loading.  Clear all PC cookies and cache, close down the browser and try again, this should fix the problem for you.


If you have continued issues, the Broadband Team be contacted from this link: Broadband and home phone FAQ's 

@CHASOLLA  Try accessing the site from an alternative browser, Google Chrome seems to work well with Vodafone.



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2: Seeker

done all that

unused and clean copy of firefox

just hangs at login

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Hey @CHASOLLA 👋 If the advice @AnnS provided hasn't resolved the issue, another option would be to use a different device to process the order in question. You can also reach out to our dedicated Sales team by calling 08080 034 511 from from any UK mobile or landline. Or you can drop them a message on Live Chat here

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