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Other broadband queries

using lan to cabin in garden

3: Seeker

Sorry not sure if i have posted to correct place.


We have vodafone broadband, my autistic son has a cabin at the end of the garden we have a armoured lan cable to the cabin and have been using a router so he can plug in his ps4 and pc and wifi for his phone as signal does not reach there.

the router has died (this was set up by a pc person who has since moved away and i have no idea)

what is the best thing for me to get ?

i have been given a netgear prosafe GS105 switch and a tp link tl-sf1008d but not sure if these are any good please help 



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11: Established

Either switch should work fine for wired devices, but won’t provide Wi-Fi, so you would need to plug in some sort of wireless access point.



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These devices look to be switches, so they'd be fine to connect to the end of a LAN cable that's plugged into your router. They won't provide Wi-Fi though as far as I can tell.




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