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vodafone app not working like it used to

1: Seeker

The my vodafone app used to let me do some things that it no longer does, 

I have seen that the boost option has now gone?


My main issues is that when I select "edit" whilst in Network lists I always get this message "please go to the web page of your vodafone station to complete this operation"


I used to be able to control which devices were on the wifi and switch some of them off from within the app.


When I log onto the web page (the 192.........) I dont have this oprion there either?



please help?

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13: Advanced Member

type this or just click on this

type this or just click on this from a web browser like chome etc 

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1: Seeker

thanks for the response but that page still does not solve the issue with the app?


thanks for trying though!

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Hey @smollin, sorry about that.


We're already aware of this and we hope to add the Edit feature back in again on a future update.
The Boost option has been removed and we've no plans to reinstate this at the moment.



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