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Pay as you go

4G not working

1: Seeker

I’ve recently just changed to Vodafone and I’m on a pay as you go sim. I topped up yesterday (28th December) and today (29th December) my 4G signal isn’t showing up on my phone only 3G but the 3G doesn’t even work. Everything else works like I get messages, can send text messages, make phone calls and receive phone calls but there’s no 4G and I’ve tried resetting the network settings and everything. I turned on my mobile data to try go on safari but a message popped up saying “could not activate mobile data network. You are not subscribed to a mobile data service” 


Please help me

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17: Community Champion

Hi @cmatheson497


You probably have two issues here.  The 4G service needs to be activated on your account and your APN settings.


Enabling 4G on the account is a quick easy job for Customer Services to do and they should know exactly what needs to be done.  For your settings follow this link:  How do I set up my phone for internet access - APN settings ?

As you as PAYG you need to make sure pp is selected on your phone.


If you have any problems please return to the forum and the Team will help.


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Hi @cmatheson497 we'd be happy to check your account to see if there is anything causing issues there. Please get in touch by following the private message I've sent you. 

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